Disaster Recovery has always been our first specialty.

TSI's founders have been cleaning up after hurricanes since Hurricane Hugo devastated Charleston in 1989 and have had a presence in Florida since the triple hurricane season of 2004. We are prepared and ready to offer immediate emergency assistance in the aftermath of severe weather. TSI owners have had nearly three decades of extensive experience with FEMA, local municipalities and governments, private communities, golf and country clubs, and individual homeowners. While we hope and pray for minimal effects from any storm, we are focused on helping Florida bounce back as quickly as possible after it has moved on.


Main Central Florida/Brevard Office: (407) 891-8005

Henry Elmore, Managing Member - (407) 460-0610 (NC, SC, FL)

Robert Tyson, Managing Member - (407) 460-0395 (FL)

Theresa Cauthen, P.E. - (407) 361-9390 (FL)

Stephen Lee - (407) 709-0203 (FL)

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