Derelict Vessel Removal

One of TSI's most unique services (and an employee favorite) is derelict vessel removal. Vessels have been fully or partially submerged, are in various conditions, and are often in environmentally sensitive areas. Our staff has the experience required to remove the vessel and all related debris without impacting the surrounding environment.

TSI's technical divers place lift bags and utilize six work boats with winches to lift sunken vessels. Once boats are lifted they are patched and floated out – or removed to our barge and taken to disposal site. When lifting is not possible we employ underwater saws to dismantle and remove. Turbidy barriers are placed at the site to prevent further pollution. All contaminates are removed from boat and disposed to protect marine environmentTSI has removed derelict vessels from navigable waterways in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Levy and Charlotte Counties.